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Accelerated Biosciences licenses commercial grade stem cell technologies for drug discovery, therapy development, and toxicology.

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We are the first company to commercialize human Trophoblastic Stem Cells (TSC) from embryonic-stage pre-placental tissue. By working with us, you build off our position as first-to-market proprietary cell source.

reduce Go-To-Market time by 3 to 5 years

 Accelerated Biosciences lets you put capital to work in the right places by leveraging our expertise and efficiency in producing TSCs.

why choose TSCs

Diagram of an ectopic pregnancy.

earliest ethical source

Our TSCs come from ectopic pregnancies 4-8 weeks post-fertilization.

Earlier sourced cells are naive, powerful, and lively. They have a high plasticity making them an ideal source for therapy development.

Illustration of cell dividing.


One cell source for all therapies.

  • Mesoderm
  • Ectoderm
  • Endoderm

Stable source of TSC secretome:
cytokines, growth factors, & exosomes

Diagram showing where trophoblasts come from.

abundant in source

Our TSC product is purified human Trophoblast Stem Cells, isolated from embryonic-stage ectopic pregnancies which account for 2% of all pregnancies. 

Illustration of a heart.

morally sound

TSC is isolated from the pre-placental trophectoderm, avoiding ethical issues and funding issues often associated with human embryonic stem cells.  

comparison of
stem cell types

Chart comparing TSC, iPSC, hESC, and MSC.

scale-up potential

Our cells show robust growth in suspension using bioreactors for 50M Cells for proof of concept. 

With viability above 95% and 44X growth you can be assured that your manufacturing scale up will be successful.

Graph showing cell growth over eight days.

We save you time and money

 Accelerated Biosciences can save your company time and money by shaving 3-5 years off development timelines and saving up to $10M.

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